The 8 steps of how I made $200 in 24 hours without ads

The 8 steps of how I made 200 in 24 hours without ads

Certainly, here’s a hypothetical outline of the steps you might have taken to make $200 in 24 hours without using ads:

Step 1: Identify a Marketable Skill or Resource Think about what skills or resources you possess that others might find valuable. This could be anything from graphic design, writing, programming, to a physical item you can sell.

Step 2: Choose a Platform Select a platform that allows you to showcase your skill or resource. This could be freelancing websites (like Upwork or Freelancer), online marketplaces (such as Etsy or eBay), or even local platforms like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Step 3: Set Up Your Profile or Listing Create a compelling profile or listing that highlights your skill/resource and what makes you unique. Use high-quality images and descriptions that clearly convey the value you’re offering.

Step 4: Determine a Fair Price Research what others are charging for similar services/resources. Price your offering competitively while considering your skill level and the time required.

Step 5: Reach Out to Your Network Share your offering with your friends, family, and social media contacts. Personal recommendations can lead to quick sales. Explain how your product or service can solve a problem or enhance their lives.

Step 6: Leverage Online Communities Join online forums, social media groups, or communities related to your skill/resource. Engage in conversations, offer value, and subtly mention your offering when relevant.

Step 7: Offer a Limited-Time Promotion Create a sense of urgency by offering a limited-time discount or special deal. This can encourage potential customers to make a quick decision.

Step 8: Provide Outstanding Service Deliver your product or service promptly and exceed customer expectations. Positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals can lead to repeat business and future sales.

Remember, the effectiveness of these steps can vary depending on your specific circumstances and the demand for your skill/resource. Additionally, results aren’t guaranteed within a short timeframe, as success often involves persistence, quality, and a bit of luck.



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