$250 Per Day With My Simple Google AdSense Method No Website Needed

Unconventional Ways to Earn with Google AdSense Without a Website

Google AdSense is a popular way to earn money by displaying ads online. While websites are a common platform, there are alternative methods to monetize through Google AdSense:

Why Google AdSense is Ideal for Earnings:

  • Google AdSense is a free program for content creators and publishers to display third-party ads.
  • It offers a wide advertiser network, high-quality ads, user-friendly interface, accurate reporting, and trustworthy payments.

Steps to Operate Google AdSense:

  1. Sign up for an AdSense account and provide website URL.
  2. Customize ad units, sizes, and formats.
  3. Drive traffic to your site/platform.
  4. Gain clicks and impressions on ads.
  5. Optimize performance for better results.
  6. Reach the payment threshold ($100).
  7. Get paid through various methods.

Earning with YouTube Videos:

  • Create a YouTube channel.
  • Fulfill YouTube’s eligibility requirements.
  • Apply for AdSense through YouTube Studio.
  • Customize ad placements and formats.

Earning with Mobile Apps:

  • Choose an app idea.
  • Decide on the platform and technology.
  • Develop the app or hire a developer.
  • Add AdSense to the app.
  • Test the app thoroughly.
  • Launch the app on app stores.

Earning with Blogger:

  • Create a Blogger account.
  • Customize your blog’s design and layout.
  • Create high-quality and engaging content.
  • Apply for AdSense through the Blogger dashboard.
  • Add AdSense ad units to your blog.


By exploring YouTube, mobile apps, and platforms like Blogger, you can earn money through Google AdSense without relying solely on a website.

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