Perry Marshall Definitive Traffic + AI Seminar 2023

Perry Marshall Definitive Traffic AI Seminar 2023

Dear Entrepreneurs,

In the next 12-18 months, traditional marketing as we know it will undergo a profound transformation. The familiar landscape of media buying, ad creation, targeting, and press releases is evolving due to the rise of ChatGPT 3.5.

However, the value of enhancing your product’s marketability has become even more critical. Many are yet to grasp this shift.

Time is of the essence.

Think back to how the internet reshaped industries like newspapers, encyclopedias, and travel agencies. A new wave of disruption is happening now.

While AI and ChatGPT adoption is growing, most are using these tools the same way as last year, only faster. This is a missed opportunity to master a new paradigm.

Misguided AI strategies will lead to a race to the bottom in marketing effectiveness.

Consider the example of Folgers coffee: they compromised quality for profit, leading to customer dissatisfaction. Similarly, marketers who focus solely on AI efficiency risk losing the human touch that sets them apart.

The relationship between businesses and customers, driven by empathy and care, is being replaced by cold machine logic.

Most AI endeavors in marketing mimic beancounters, destined for similar outcomes as Folgers. However, AI will also create immense wealth and boost productivity.

To seize this opportunity, I gathered top AI and traffic experts in Chicago for the landmark Definitive AI Seminar in May 2023.

The event was extraordinary, setting the stage for the next 20 years. Previous seminars like Star Seminar and Rosetta Stone have shaped industries. Now, Definitive AI Seminar has mapped out the future.

AI is the new frontier. Just as Google Ads reshaped the internet, AI, ChatGPT, and Natural Language Processing are driving a new genesis.

Two standout speakers, Sam Woods and David Fox, brought unique insights. Sam emphasized AI’s power to enhance aesthetics and beauty in marketing. David, a Google Chrome alumnus, shared innovative approaches to lead generation.

AI’s impact on internet traffic is undeniable. It’s akin to 2002-2003 when Google Ads revolutionized the landscape. Now, we’re entering another game-changing era, with AI poised to catalyze a major upcycle.

Your mission is to apply AI to traffic, conversion, economics, and the 80/20 principle, creating a resilient business.

ChatGPT and AI hold the key to scalable traffic, and it’s urgent. Competitors are likely already leveraging this tool. Don’t give them a head start.

Evolution or extinction? The choice is yours.

In this AI revolution, the time to act is now. Get ready for a paradigm shift that will shape the next 20 years.

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