Narpath – 6 Day Mind Reading Workshop For Free

Narpath 6 Day Mind Reading Workshop For Free earnblg

 6 days, and let everyone experience your magnetism within the room without any performances whatsoever.

  • My most sought-after techniques will amaze people and amazed. Start now!
  • From not knowing mentalism and becoming confident in the techniques
  • as well as trade secrets, in less than and trade secrets in just
  • Ringer Finger Force – Techniques for reading your audience’s minds and guessing their selection from five items! (My Favorite Opening at Shows)
  • The 8-card mind reading wonder The reason I’ve named it 8 is that this trick can be applied to anything that is 8 in number, for instance, 8 business cards.
  • 4355 principle: with only five pieces of paper, we can play a game of psychological known as “Will the name match”
  • Left-hand right-hand pocket performance This trick is performed when you play the shuffle according to your preference and then put one into your pockets, which is guided by a mentalist at the end, you will find the right handwriting on the right side of the card in your hand, as well as the left card, and one card that you carry in your pocket.
  • 34 force performance My best trick, and I’m giving no details
  • About it, and you’ll miss out on this course if don’t buy the course.

free cours 

RAR password: XDJ

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