Matt Diggity The Affiliate Lab 2023 for free

Matt Diggity The Affiliate Lab 2023 for free

Hi. I’m Matt Diggity

 My previous life I worked as an electrical engineer who worked for 60 hours a week within (a) a cubicle.

I finally had a total anxiety breakdown.

In the same period an acquaintance had introduced me to the idea of ranking websites and earning affiliate commissions. I fell in love with the concept.

It was a necessity, or is it desperation, I chose to study how to earn passive income via affiliate SEO.

In the beginning, I thought that you could only earn only a few hundred dollars a month, but once I discovered that 5, 4, and even 6-figure websites were possible I was in.

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The journey wasn’t easy

I’m not even able to count the amount of money I spent trying different SEO strategies that did not work.

It isn’t my intention to think about how many hours or days were squandered. In addition, I was fined.

At some time, all my websites were reprimanded and the five-figure per month earnings that I worked so hard to earn disappeared in one day.

I was shocked.

At this point, I made the decision to take the matter into my own hands.

After my life was over, I was forced to decide between giving up SEO and resuming my cubicle lifestyle instead of trying to do it again.

I decided to give it another go however, I decided do it my way. As an engineer.

From then on I would try every ranking technique by myself before applying the same to my websites.

I built hundreds of test sites in which I’d use various SEO techniques and let Google decide what it wanted to see.

Makes sense, right?

I was now seeing consistently fast and reliable results, and wasn’t being disqualified.

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