What is Affiliate marketing 2023 ?


Within the U.S. alone, affiliate marketing spending is expected to hit $8.2 billion by 2022 which is up over $5.4 billion as of 2017. this means that there’s an enormous opportunity for people looking to make affiliate earnings.

Short answer: There is no limit on the amount you can make from affiliate marketing however, it is largely contingent on the niche you’re in as well as the amount of effort and time you invest into it.

As an example, Ryan Robinson, a famous affiliate marketer, earned nearly $19,000 in affiliate fees in the year 2019. The Wirecutter, another affiliate website, earned more than $10 million in sales and was acquired by The New York Times for $30 million. However, this kind of achievement doesn’t happen in a flash.

The reality is that affiliate earnings could range from just a couple of hundred dollars a month, up and up to six figures a year. The longer you commit to your business and the greater number of followers you’ve got and the higher your potential for earning money that you can enjoy.

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